What We Do

Odisha Dialogues offers a multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary, non-partisan research and policy platform for socio-economic development of Odisha.

It seeks to bring together thought leaders, experts, change agents and institutions (public and private), with the stated objective of pursuing meaningful development goals and realising growth outcomes that deepen the process of democratisation.

governing principles



Committed to a multi-stakeholder approach, open dialogue and
inclusive engagement, transparent governance, public-private-civil society- citizens


Promote and advocate a cosmopolitan worldview, pursue a progressive vision and roadmap for overall development of the state


Independent views & thought - will not advocate for, or subscribe to narrowly defined political/ social/economic interests of individuals or organizations.


Support evidence-backed, data-supported policy framing and advocacy; fill in data and research gaps; lean on critical /multi-disciplinary thinking to solve problems


Dynamic and high-action quotient, resulting in interventions and metrics-oriented workplans

We strive to facilitate conversations

..through seminars, workshops and conferences, on all such issues that have a bearing on Odisha in particular and the broader society in general. It collaborates with like-minded groups to design and develop campaigns, dialogues and strategies for sustainable and equitable development. It intends to provide independent and strategic advisory services to government and other agencies in areas of policy planning and governance.

Our Focus Areas

Odisha Dialogues seeks to undertake research and investigation projects to support an informed discourse of developmental issues. In the short-to-medium term, it proposes to pursue the following as focus areas for its own research:

  1. Macro Economy and Public Finance
  2. Education and employment
  3. Health, nutrition and environment
  4. Industry, MSMEs and Entrepreneurship
  5. Technology and Innovation
  6. Rural affairs
  7. Politics & Election Studies

The functioning and operations are governed by a detailed charter formulated and ratified by its founding members.