#Covid19, #Lockdown and the State of State Finances: As the economy slips into a contractionary mode, the government’s revenues shrink sharply. On the other hand, the demand for more spending mounts amid rising distress and the spread of the pandemic. How does a resource-poor state like Odisha cope with this? For insights and guidance we turn to experts — Dr Tapas Sen, formerly professor at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Former Chief Secretary in the Government of Odisha Jugal K Mohapatra, public finance analysts Dr Pravas Mishra at Oxfam India, Lok Sabha MP Bhartuhari Mahtab and Odisha Pradesh Congress President Niranjan Patnaik. Watch the 7th episode of @OdishaDialogues aka Odisha Alochana Chakra’s special webinar series on rebuilding the state for a post-Covid world.